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Battery pack schematic

When making a battery pack using lithium ion, lithium polymer, or lithium iron dioxide battery, the circuit diagram is as follows.

When using a switch with a built-in lamp as a power switch, connect the Power Lamp in the circuit diagram below to the lamp terminal of the power switch.

When the power is cut off due to the operation of the BMS during charging or discharging, charge or discharge while pressing the reset switch. If the BMS operates during charging, connect the load to the discharge terminal to discharge. If the BMS operates during discharge, connect a charger to the charging terminal to charge.

If the BMS is not operating normally, the reset switch should be turned off.

Sometimes a reset switch is connected between the BMS terminals, but it can be dangerous if the BMS is forcibly bypassed and charging/discharging while the BMS is operating.

Source: [Encyclopedia]

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