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How to use lithium-ion batteries for a long time

How to use lithium-ion batteries for a long time

This is the area with the most errors. It is also a part that requires a lot of professional materials and chemistry knowledge.

In any case, the conclusion is that it is better to use and charge a little and do not fully charge/charge. The reason is so difficult that I will omit it.

However, you can feel that the capacity has decreased when you use ordinary batteries. At this time, if you fully charge/discharge again, you can see that the capacity is revived. It's confusing lifespan with this.

In other words, capacity and lifetime are not a linear relationship.

The reason why the capacity is revived is complicated, but anyway, there are many cases in which several of the ions cannot reach the electrode plate for various reasons in the passage through which the ions flow. At this time, if you fully charge/discharge, it will flow well again. This is a capacity issue, not a lifetime issue.

In conclusion, the secret to longevity is "Use only a little bit and charge, and if it is judged that the capacity is low, then do a full charge/discharge once."

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