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Low-cost (equipment) vehicle charger experiment

Low-cost (equipment) vehicle charger experiment

During testing, when I charged the SPH-4000 PCS small capacity battery with a cheap cigar charger purchased on the street, I wanted to test how well it would charge.

As you know, SPH-4000 is a 1-cell system, so the maximum charging voltage is 4.2V. If it exceeds 4.5V, the battery tastes... (completely...) Since it needs to be charged below 4.2V, a genuine charger usually completes charging when it reaches 4.1V.

In other words, if current flows at 3.x volts (remaining battery capacity), the voltage gradually rises, but when it reaches 4.1x volts, the current should be zero. The previous genuine product (SCH-400) exhibited these characteristics.

When I connected 2 multi-meters and applied 12V to check, the current continued to flow moderately, but since it was about 3.9V, a blue light came on the LED.

Yeah~ I know he's already charged. There's only one battery in his cell phone.. But, he played separately. When charging is complete, it does not turn on, but it reads the approximate voltage and turns on the blue light. Charging was still in progress. After about 2 hours, it reached around 4.18.

[Note: When the voltage reaches 4.2 volts, it rises rapidly]

Oh, it will be over now... somehow - the current kept flowing. After doing something else for a while, the voltage rose to 4.24 volts. I was amazed and removed everything, oh my battery.

Conclusion :

1. Use the $15 charger only when you hang up the phone (it says Aju Electronics... without contact information)

2. If you absolutely need to charge it, do not keep it on and pull it out when the battery indicator on the LCD of the cell phone is full.

3. Genuine products are good even if they are expensive. No, there is a good reason. (Looking at the circuit, of course there is no IC for charging... Excluding the case, it is about $1)

* Be careful if you keep charging it in the vehicle cradle...

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